Tips on EFT Language for a business audience

sejual shah

Introducing EFT to a business audience requires different language skills from traditional EFT work. EFT practitioner Sejual Shah has in depth experience of successfully taking EFT to corporate audiences and suggests a few ways to communicate effectively with this niche market.

by Sejual Shah

Avoid presenting yourself as a therapist. Being EFT practitioners it’s quite normal for us to think of our work in this light. We get many of our results with clients by helping them ease their negative emotional states. We often help with physical healing by working on their emotional state. This is the realm of the therapist. However, that identity doesn’t translate well into the corporate arena.

Instead, find ways to showcase your work as a trainer. Large companies spend significant sums every year in training their staff to perform better in soft skills. It’s much easier for you and for that audience to think of your work along these lines.

Emotions are obviously a key feature of our work. With a business audience we don’t have to ignore emotions completely – it would be silly to do this. We just have to find creative ways to approach the topic.

One way of showcasing the importance of emotions is by referring to EFT in the context of a field of behavioural analysis called Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Goleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence took the business world by storm in the mid-90s because it offered a framework within which to improve performance. Emotional Intelligence is an important consideration in human resources planning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, management development, customer relations and customer service. These are all areas where a company could benefit from EFT help. And, in my opinion, there are few tools available that can deliver the rate and depth of improvement that EFT does.

When I’ve linked EFT with Emotional Intelligence in my business presentations in the past, I’ve been met with looks of acceptance and understanding. You have to understand your audience enough to know whether this bridge will work. However, for audiences that do find it helpful, Emotional Intelligence has gained acceptance that furthers understanding about the importance of emotions in goal achievement. Part of our work in introducing EFT to a business audience is about making it accessible to them, and so this bridge can help.

Another way of bringing theory and concepts about emotional health to life is through the art of story telling. When giving a presentation I often refer to the benefits I’ve gained through EFT. A vivid example for myself is how I resolved more than 25 years of chronic leg pain with EFT – I shared this story through Gary Craig’s newsletter a couple of years ago. I talk about this in a personable and sincere way. Every time I’ve done so it has caught the imagination of my audience about what is possible with EFT. There’s something that changes in their faces as they listen. I talk my audience through key moments of my journey in resolving pain, and it inspires them to want to find out more to help themselves. I gave a business presentation just last week, and afterwards my story prompted many questions about what I’d done and how I’d got there.

Business presentations about EFT don’t have to be dry and boring – in fact this will only turn off your audience. Story telling is a very helpful bridge in reaching your audience – you just have to find the right tone and style of presenting to connect authentically with your listeners.

Working with a business audience involves two important skills. One is being confident in your practical skill with EFT. This is achieved through practice and by healing your own issues. The second skill is the art of framing EFT conversations in language that make it feel easy and natural to use EFT in companies.

These are just a few starting points in doing this work – there are many more strategies that I’ve successfully used.

Sejual Shah
From October Sejual will be sharing her knowledge of working with a business audience through Corporate EFT Mastermind Groups. This will help practitioners gain practical skill to go on to work with this audience.
For more information visit Sejual’s website.

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