Looking deeply into your business relationships

Sejual Shah

One of the things I love about Business Energetics is the ability it gives to look deeply at the flows of relationships in business from a spiritual perspective.

by Sejual Shah

Using normal approaches, we can do EFT on what’s presenting on the surface of a business situation and get relief. Questions that help us go deeper in our understanding of a problem allow for more effective EFT. Yet, practitioners sometimes struggle with finding those deeper answers. This suggests there’s an element we’ve yet to perceive and resolve.

Business Energetics is a combination of EFT and inspiration drawn from a German psychotherapy tool called Family Constellations.†We tap and draw on the wisdom flowing through the person to identify where a challenge stems from. This wisdom comes from the client rather than the practitioner.

‘Julie’ attended my workshop Introducing Business Energetics at the 2012 May EFT Gathering in Birmingham. In one of the demonstrations she brought up her challenge that she was feeling overwhelmed in how to get to her desired result in her business. On the surface she’d try different approaches, but nothing would hold and give satisfying results.

I took her into a ‘constellation’ – put simply a map of the energetic relationships involving her and her business. A constellation is a sacred and accepting place to have honest conversations with relevant people involved in a business. We can also look at how a person is interacting with parts of a business, for example, money or the concept of marketing.

Traditionally, our ancestors are present at the fringes of a constellation. They radiate a loving presence that nurtures the flow of wisdom in this environment. We go into a constellation to enable the person to draw on the wisdom of their own spiritual connection.

The setting for Julie was the living room in her home. She was sat on a chair to one side, her business elsewhere within visibility. We represent a person’s business as separate from themselves in this map. This allows the business to have its own energy and persona. Julie was able to move the business around, was feeling content with its presence in the constellation but there was no meaningful engagement happening. She explained that in daily life she found it easy to get an abundance of ideas on how to grow her business. However, the sheer quantity overwhelmed her. As a result, she couldn’t prioritise amongst them. In addition, there was an issue in making the right choice and receiving support to do this. In short, she wasn’t able to engage her business to move in a specific direction. This was in direct contrast to Julie’s desire for growth.

Earlier in the day she’d mentioned her grandmother, who had raised her, had passed away. In Business Energetics we look at the impact that loved ones (living or deceased) are having on a business because success comes from receiving support from many sources. There had been a powerful loving bond between the two, and Julie had mentioned how challenging she was finding getting support.

I asked Julie if we could bring the presence of her grandmother into the constellation. She agreed. As soon as we did this Julie burst into unexpected tears. This is where traditional EFT comes in. Through tapping we soothed the grief respectfully, taking time and space to do this effectively.

Even though I haven’t let myself grieve as deeply as Iíve needed, I soothe and comfort myself
Even though it was hard saying goodbye to her, she was there for me when my mum couldn’t be in so many ways, I soothe and comfort myself

We continued to tap through elements of the relationship that had been holding Julie back. Her biggest realisation was that she had been ‘running on empty’ for a long time, not tending to the deeper upsets in her life. As a result she didn’t have energy to offer her business in terms of support.

Instead of trying to do a botched repair job to attempt to carry on, Julie acknowledged that she wanted to spend time over the coming months to heal her relationships around maternal figures. She enlisted the help of a tapping buddy to do this work with.

Five months on I checked in with Julie to see how she was doing. The clarity she gained in that one session encouraged her to spend time healing family relationships and unprocessed sorrow. She has moved on to a job directly related to an aspect of her business, and this change is allowing her a greater sense of balance in many areas of her life. This is an expression of the support she came to the session wanting to find. It has helped her prioritise in her business, for example, by developing systems to help her business grow.

A business will grow so much more easily when it is feeling nourished by us. Nourishment is a form of support. Uncovering these ancestral blocks, and dissolving them through tapping allows for more ease in a person’s work. With that ease they can be more present with growing their business.

Sejual Shah is the co-founder of Business Energetics. She helps business people with career growth and confidence issues and has pioneered ways of taking EFT into companies since 2008. She is running a Introducing Business Energetics workshop in London on December 4 and 5.
Visit her website for further information on Business Energetics
+44 1582 452 918
Skype ID: healthyinmind

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